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Tiffany Yau

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Compete
Coach Diane Tam
Age 23
Hometown Vancouver
Achievements 1. Placing 5th at Nationals (Sherbrooke 2018)
2. Making 3 Finals at Nationals (Sherbrooke)
3. Made new PBs for all 3 distances
Goals 1. Podium at Nationals 2019 for K2 and make finals for my K1
2. Sub 49s 200m
3. 20 consecutive pull-ups
Story I joined in 2014, but I didn’t really commit to the sport until 2016. I wasn’t super athletic before, but once I got into kayaking I learned to love being active. I followed my coaches’ awesome training program and got stronger on and off water. My advice to new paddlers would be to not give up and keep working hard. Some workouts won’t be your favourite, but they’re good for you and they’ll pay off during racing season!
Posted September 27, 2018

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