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Alex Brent

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Compete
Coach Peter Majewski
Age 27
Hometown Dewdney
Achievements 3rd place k-1 1000m and 5000m, Canada Games, 2017
3rd place k-1 1000m, National Championships, 2017
2nd Place k-2 1000m, National Championships, 2017
1st place k-2 1000m, National Championships, 2018
Goals -Selected to U-23 National Team
-Sub 3:39 1000m

-Long term goal to be selected for the Senior National Team
Story I think the most important thing to remember, is never take yourself too seriously. Remember that as an athlete we are constantly growing and maturing.

Sometimes as individuals we forget why we started and committed to our sport. Something that I have come to acknowledge is that we have to stop and smell the flowers. In other words we have to stop, reset and remember why we do this, and find the joy in pushing ourselves everyday.
Posted December 29, 2018

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