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Devon Holcroft

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Compete
Coach Connor Fehr
Age 22
Hometown Surrey
Achievements 1. Made provincial team time standards

2. Attended my first nationals

3. Made a final at nationals
Goals 1. I'd like to continue paddling and attend nationals again in 2019

2. Staying on the provincial team is also a goal of mine

3. Improving my times so they are competitive
Story In 2015 I began paddling recreationally through the Fort Canoe Kayak Club and I've fallen in love with the sport ever since. The community is fun and constructive and the racing is always exhilarating and fun. The biggest thing I learned when starting out was that you just have to stick with it. Originally I hated going on the water, it was easily my least favourite part of training, but as I kept going I realized how important but also how fun it really was.
Posted January 4, 2019

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